Products We Use

product-mmountingModule Mounting Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Structures

Vertical posts, bracings, torque tubes, purlins etc
  • Fixed type module mounting structure
  • Solar tracker and seasonal tilt structure

Solar structural parts for CSP plant and general heavy fabrication

Pylons , cradles, machined shafts ,torque tube, fabrication of hot rolled angle channels, hollow and tubular section Stamped Parts. etc
  • Parabolic trough mounting structure for CSP plant
  • Telecom tower, transmission tower, switch yard towers gantry structure

Cold formed steel

  • Hat section
  • C-section
  • C-lip section
  • Z-sectionn
  • Stmped and pressed products


  • Fasteners
    • MS Zinc plated fasteners
    • MS Galvanized fasteners
    • SS Fasteners
  • Aluminium clamps for module clamping
  • Packing plates(EPDM)
  • Foundation bolts

Customized Structure Erection Templates and Tools

  • erection templates and tools
  • design of customised structure
  • fabrication of all types of structure
  • heavy fabrication as per design
  • On-Site Fabrication

Hot Dip Galvanized Products/Facility

  • These facilities make it possible to maintain strict quality and process control in an integrated manufacturing process extending from the forming of steel parts to galvanizing.
  • Galvanized plant with 7.5 meter long zinc bath
  • Roof top module mounting structure.

Electro Forged Gratings

  • In this process, square twisted cross bars are welded or electroforged to the rectangular shaped bearing bars by a process that combines heavy hydraulic pressure with a heavy electric current.Pre-straightened bearing bars are cut and fed in while the cross bars are fed directly from coils. Two crossbars are shot into the welder and placed under the electrodes by pulling hooks for simultaneous welding.
  • We produce high quality of electro forged grating

Porta Cabin/Pre Fabricated Building Structures

  • complete solution for Porta Cabin/Pre Fabricated building structure and inverter shelter/inverter base fabricated structure

Solar Products

  • Solar lighting
  • Solar water heater
  • Solar water pumps

Electrical Components

  • Inverters
  • Modules
  • AC and DC Cables
  • CAT5 and CAT6 cables for SCADA
  • Weather Monitoring System


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